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TikTok User Cooked Her Husband's Arowana Fish After He Forgets To Clean The Aquarium

An Indonesian woman posted a TikTok video of her deep-frying her husband's pet Arowana after he forgot to clean the aquarium, and it went viral! The viral clip showed her removing the dragon-esque scales off the fish, seasoning it, and then dipping it into boiling hot oil before serving it to her husband - Yikes!

If you're not familiar with the Arowana fish, it is known to be one of the most highly-coveted fishes in the world, since it's close to extinct in the wild. An Arowana fish is also known to be very expensive, costing about RM1,250,940 - That's one pricey fried fish now!

Viewers were curious on how her husband would react to his expensive pet fish. To our surprise, the TikTok user @miakurniawan01 mentioned that her husband was initially sad but decided to laugh it off. Take this as a lesson to keep to your promises, especially with your wife.

Here's the whole TikTok clip taken by Mia:


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