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TikTok Is Launching A New Feature That Will Let You Apply To Jobs Within The App

If you haven’t already known, TikTok is a great place to discover new beauty trends, cooking tips, and now, employment opportunities. According to media company Axios, TikTok seems to be introducing a new feature that will help recruiters find potential candidates through short videos on the platform.

Apparently, TikTok has been pretty helpful to job seekers by providing career tips to help them nail job interviews, craft excellent résumés and land good internships. In fact, ByteDance, the Beijing-based company that owns TikTok, even revealed that the hashtag #careeradvice managed to attract 80 million video views by mid-February in 2021 alone!

Upon noticing this trend, TikTok then decided to introduce their own in-app recruiting service in hopes of attracting more users, which will probably include a new pool of job recruiters in the future.

There’s not much information about the new feature but for now, it’s said that the recruiting service would exist as a separate page and will include mostly entry-level jobs. But who knows, if this feature takes off, it probably won’t be long until we start seeing a new trend of video interviews and résumés on TikTok!

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