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This Thanko ‘Secret Base’ Tent Is The Perfect Social Distancing Tool

Here’s a pro-tip for anyone who’s looking to rent a room but can’t afford the skyrocketing rental costs: Get yourself a ‘secret base’ tent from Thanko.

The Japan-based online store has introduced a versatile lifestyle tent that’s tall enough for an occupant to sit upright, wide enough for people to lie down comfortably and fall asleep in, and spacious enough to fit a mini-fridge or small shelf for storage, which makes it seem like a perfect spot to live in.

Credits: Thanko

The 188cm long and 90cm wide tent comes with three mesh walls/doors for air ventilation as well as curtains for users who wish to have more privacy in their own space.

Credits: Thanko

It’s not just for living in, the Thanko tent can even be a good hideaway spot for you to escape the world and enjoy a little “me time”. And all for the price of ¥6,980 (RM263), what a steal!

But sadly, Thanko doesn’t seem to accept overseas orders, nor do they ship internationally. But if you happen do know anyone living in Japan, you might still be able to cop this super cool super livable tent. You know what they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way!


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