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This Technology Scans Your Body And Gives You Custom-Made Jeans

Have you ever ordered a pair of jeans online, only to discover it could barely fit you when it arrives? Hong Kong digital apparel company, Unspun has come out with an AI-driven body scan technology that produces customised jeans that is guaranteed to fit your body perfectly and solve all your ill-fitting problems.

The process is so simple you can even do it at home. Customers just need to visit Unspun’s website to customise your pair of jeans. You will get to personally select your preferred style, fabric, thread colour, and even the hem length and waist height!

Then, once you are satisfied with your design, place your order and you will receive a code that you can use to link your scan to your order. Now you will need an iPhone with a functioning camera for this next step. Simply download the in3D app on your phone, follow the scanning steps as instructed and enter the code.

And that is it, your order is complete and Unspun will take care of the rest from here! Now all you just need to do is wait for your perfect pair of jeans to arrive on your doorstep in two weeks.

This technology will be another step towards the goal of reducing waste and achieving sustainable fashion because companies will only need to manufacture garments based on orders that are already sold. Not only that, Unspun’s technology is also inclusive of all body types.

“We pride ourselves on being sustainable and inclusive by carrying zero inventory and doing away with the traditional sizing system. We recognise that each body is unique and there’s no need to put a number to it,” said Annika Visser, operations lead of Unspun in Hong Kong.


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