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This Teacher In Kelantan Is Using TikTok To Teach English

Apart from learning new music trends or dance challenges, you can also learn English on TikTok now, thanks to this teacher in Kota Bahru!

Known by his TikTok handle @sir_asai, the English teacher has been posting a series of TikTok videos titled ‘English Pronunciation Challenge’ to encourage students to practice pronouncing the particular word that was mentioned in the video.

The teacher is quickly gaining popularity on TikTok as netizens tune in to watch students across Malaysia attempt various pronunciation challenges using their individual accents, some of which are amusing not only to viewers but also to the students themselves.

At the end of the video, the teacher would utter the correct pronunciation for the word and to add comedic value, his students around him would erupt in cheers.


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♬ original sound – sir aSai – sir aSai

Currently, @sir_asai has over 160,000 followers on TikTok, where he also posts useful content to help students improve their essay writing and comprehension skills. That’s not all, the teacher has recently created a new challenge titled ‘Say My Name Challenge’ to teach students the correct pronunciation of famous names like Joe Biden.

Thanks to dedicated teachers like @sir_asai, students who are struggling with remote learning can feel inspired to learn from these engaging and educational videos.


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