This Story About A South African Woman Who Gave Birth To 10 Babies Is Full Of Lies

Earlier this month, several international media outlets reported about a South African woman named Gosiame Sithole who allegedly gave birth to 10 babies on 7 June. The news excited many people because it was said to have broken the world record of most babies delivered at a single birth. But just yesterday, it was reported that the entire story had been a lie.

Initially, it was revealed that Sithole gave birth to seven boys and three girls in a hospital in the Gauteng province. Meanwhile, another family member claimed that Sithole delivered five babies via natural birth and another five via caesarean section. At one point, an unnamed aunt of the babies also added that the babies are “fighting for their lives” in incubators.

Credits: The Indian Express

With so many sources reporting about this story, you would think that it’s legitimate. But upon checking with the hospital, the provincial government found that no hospitals in Gauteng have a record of decuplet babies being born.

In fact, medical tests even revealed that Sithole had not even been pregnant recently! As a result, the 37-year-old is now being held under the mental health act for observation, where she will be provided support.

However, South African newspaper Pretoria News, which reported this story in the first place, stood by its reporting, claiming that the story is not fake, but rather a cover-up for medical negligence by the hospital and local health authorities.

What do you think about this story that’s full of twists? Do you think the woman was lying or is the government the one behind these lies?


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