• Jonathan Shiek

This Noodle House In Subang Serves A “Sunny-Side Up” Cup Of Joe

There’s nothing quite like waking up to the rich aroma of coffee in the morning as the earthy scent kisses you awake and not to mention the kick it gives you once you take that first sip. As it is indeed most people’s go-to beverage to start their day, the popularity of coffee was never in question

That said, some individuals has decided that the traditional coffee route is a bit boring and has taken it upon themselves to spice things up, thus giving birth to coffee trends such as Dalgona coffee and the McAffogato.

For one noodle house in Subang, they found that these trends were far too common and opted to go with something a little more interesting. In China, McDonald’s outlets has been serving up egg biscuits served on latte drinks, which prompts this noodle house to emulate this trend even before McDonald’s Malaysia has the chance to.

Credits: The Smart Local

Ambesten Noodle in Subang Jaya makes these “eggs” out of egg whites and icing sugar, which is then whipped and baked to achieve the biscuit’s crispy and fluffy texture. These bad boys are certainly the best way to brighten up your regular cup of coffee and not to mention your day too!

Credits: The Smart Local

If you aren’t inclined on having them sit and melt in your coffee, you can always get them as a snack on the side. One thing’s for sure though, you most definitely will want to give it a try. They are available until the end of May 2021 at Ambesten Noodle in Subang. Only 100 of these egg biscuits are served daily too, so you’ll want to be quick to drop by and order one for yourself.


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