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This New App Will Help Women Combat Harass-Callers

Sexual harassment has long been a issue in Malaysia and even more so now. According to the All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), 2020 saw a 218% rise in sexual harassment cases with 162 complaints. Keep in mind, not every victim  has come forward to make a report so odds are, the cases could be much higher.

Among the many despicable forms of sexual harassments faced by women, one method most commonly experienced by women is harassments via calls and texts from unknown numbers. In order to provide women with a means of fighting back against these delinquents, Swedish caller identification spam blocking service Truecaller has launched their annual anti-harassment campaign in Malaysia called #ItsNotOk.

The aim of the campaign is to empower women to take a stand against sexual harassment. The campaign has been launched all over the world but it is the first time that it has landed on the shores of Malaysia.

Credits: Mashable SE Asia

So how does this Truecaller app work? Users who have installed the app will be able to see the identity of incoming calls from anywhere in the world regardless of whether it is a landline or a mobile device. The app also has certain key features such as a spam blocker which can completely block any and all unwanted calls or texts as per the discretion of the user. There is also a function that lets you report certain numbers on the app so that other users will be able to identify potentially dangerous calls.

The Truecaller app is currently available for download on both  Google Play store and Apple App Store for free!



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