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This Malaysian Band Covers BLACKPINK Songs In Malay

Ever wondered how Blackpink songs would sound like in other languages? Well, thanks to this Malaysian band, you can now experience Kill This Love and Ice Cream in Malay, except they are called Bersama Kau (With You) and Hatiku (My Heart).

Meet Rabithah, a band under Tarbiah Sentap Records, a KL-based pop label that specialises in producing music in the “pop nasyid” genre. If you feel like you have not heard of this genre, that is because it is relatively new as this Malaysian a capella style of music only emerged in the 1990s.

The genre focuses on adapting Western modern pop music for the younger Muslim generation. Pop nasyid incorporates Islamic principles and local traditional musical elements to rewrite and reproduce Western or K-Pop ballads to make the lyrics appear more conservative and Muslim-friendly.

Which is why Rabithah’s lyrics are centred around the undying love and devotion they hold for God. For example, in Bersama Kau, Rabithah rewrote the lyrics to paint a story of how a friend’s persistent advice and guidance can lead one on the right path to heaven.

And after receiving over 400,000 views for the Bersama Kau music video, along with another 300,000 for Hatiku, it clearly shows that Malaysian Muslims are embracing Rabithah’s halal musical adaptations that offer a wholesome blend between Malaysian Islamic modernity and popular global trends.


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