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This Japanese Restaurant Serves Ramen With An Ice Cream Cone On Top

Credit: SoraNews24

We've recently wrote about a local restaurant that serves chicken chop with ice cream, balancing out savoury and sweet. But this Japanese restaurant from Osaka takes it to another level by serving ice cream on top of a bowl of spicy miso ramen!

The restaurant, Franken, is located near the Honamachi Station, specialising in ramen, Chinese soba noodles, fried rice, and the Sweet and Spicy Miso Ramen. Franken is surprisingly popular amongst locals, according to SoraNews24, the place was quickly filled up after a few minutes of opening the store.

The ice cream on the ramen was chocolate and vanilla flavoured, while the broth was smoky and spicy. A bowl of this special ramen costs 850 yen (around RM31), which is pretty expensive compared to our regular ramen in Malaysia.

Apparently, Burger King Thailand released a similar dish called the Soft Serve Ramen!

Would you give this ice cream ramen a try?


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