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This Japanese Airline Decked Out Their Plane With Character Artwork Of Hit Franchise Demon Slayer

Credit: Soranews24

If you're a huge fan of the hit anime series Demon Slayer, then you're going to freak out travelling in this Japanese airline plane called the Demon Slayer Jet One! The airline, ANA, announced a tie-up with the popular franchise and decked out the plane with character artwork from the anime series.

Credit: Soranews24

Previously, the popular Japanese series released season one, and received so much love from fans all over the world. The creators of Demon Slayer continued to release the 'The Movie: Mugen Train' in continuation of the first season taking over 'Your Name' as the biggest and most popular anime movies of all time. The TV anime just recently resumed its second season, so it's the right time to introduce the Demon Slayer Jet One for fans to experience more of the series.

According to SoraNews24, the exclusive Demon Slayer plane will start flying in later January 2022. However, the partnership will be starting in December, with economy class passengers on domestic ANA flights able to enjoy beverages in special Demon Slayer cups and special Demon Slayer "menko", which are thick pieces of paper used to play a traditional Japanese game.

Credit: Soranesw24

On top of that, passengers will also be able to enjoy all 26 episodes of the first season of Demon Slayer as part of their in-flight entertainment, and a selection of music pieces from the anime's original soundtrack.

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