• Jonathan Shiek

This Is How You Can Stop Your McD Fries From Turning Soggy In Takeaway Bags

If you enjoy soggy fries, then this article isn’t for you, and you should probably evaluate on some of your life choices (just kidding, but also not really). But for the rest of us who agree that there’s nothing worse than excitedly opening your McDonald’s takeaway bag, only to be met with soggy fries, these tips are for you!

An former McDonald’s employee in Brisbane, Australia recently shared a life hack on how to prevent your fries from turning soggy in the paper bag. According to Bruno Bouchet, people usually keep their paper bag closed, but this actually traps the heat inside, steams the fries and turns them soggy. Which is why for rule number one, you should always keep your takeaway bag open.

Another thing is that McDonald’s employees would usually place the fries vertically in the paper bag, but Bouchet stated that you’re actually encouraged to keep the fries in horizontal position, and place them at the bottom of the bag to prevent the heat from escaping.

Lastly, if you’ve got a burger in the takeaway bag as well, do place it on top of the fries as this will help keep your fries warm without turning them soggy. And voila, three simple tips that will hopefully keep your McDonald’s fries nice and crunchy, just the way they should be!

Will you be trying out these tips anytime soon? Let us know if they work!


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