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This Instagram Page Advocates For Pay Transparency & Better Salary In Malaysia

Previously, we've reported how Malaysian employers are seen as one of the stingiest paymasters in the whole of Southeast Asia. While most of us agree to that statement, the act of openly discussing your salary is seen as a taboo in our country. Many companies also impose this policy on their employees.

This is where the wage problem starts from, lack of transparency. Inevitably, this helps employers keep wages as low as possible, taking advantage on their employees' lack of knowledge of acceptable rates. However, this Instagram page recently blew up, as it advocates for pay transparency and better salary in Malaysia.

The Instagram page, Malaysian Pay Gap, receives DMs with particulars related to job description, salary, age, years of experience, and notes or thoughts about the job. You'll be able to see all sorts of wages and job types, while not all Malaysians are necessarily paid low wages, workplace mistreatment is still very much a real issue in our country.

Here are a couple of submissions for better understanding:

That said, we can't exactly blame all employers. The Instagram page serves as a kind warning to them, to pay fair wages, encourage safe and health work environments, and also to treat your employees well. What is a company without their workers, am I right?


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