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This Face Mask Decomposes And Grows Into Flowers

As someone who was once hell-bent on going green and eliminating single-use products, I found myself in utter despair when the pandemic hit and all of a sudden, it’s single-use face masks everywhere. So imagine my fascination when I discovered there’s a new biodegradable face mask that actually grows into a flower after decomposing – how lovely!

This amazing creation is by Marianne de Groot-Pons, a graphic designer with the Pons Ontwerp agency based in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Marianne decided to make a 100% biodegradable face mask after seeing how usual face masks are being carelessly discarded everywhere.

And she even took it a step further to create an artisanal-made face mask with embedded flower seeds that can be grown into flowers after wearing and planting it in a garden or a pot.

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Named Marie Bee Bloom, this mask is so eco-friendly that even its straps are made from pure sheep’s wool while the glue used to attach certain parts is made using potato starch and water. But this also means its durability is compromised, so users would need to handle the face mask with extra care.

But perhaps the biggest concern is how secure this face mask is in combatting Covid-19, since that’s pretty much why we needed to wear it in the first place. Although their website states that it provides as much protection as a handmade fabric mask, the Marie Bee Bloom mask has yet to be tested to measure its effectiveness against Covid-19.

The mask is priced at €15 (RM73) for five face masks, but sadly, they’re only available in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany for now.


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