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This Chair-Shaped Handbag Costs RM 3,671 And Its Purpose Leaves Many Questions

I understand that some people have insane amounts of money to just blow on things but at the very least, please try spending on things that are even remotely practical. Now, by no means am I throwing shade at those who spend on unnecessary items. After all, I myself spent RM650 on a mechanical keyboard alone but at the very least I can actually use it for typing.

What can you actually do with this “handbag”?

Credits: @lexilafleur (Twitter)

Thanks to Twitter user, Lexi Brown (@lexilafleur), who went digging through the weird part of Twitter, we now know what some people who has too much of money spends their on. Brown discovered this quaint little online store called Nordstrom’s which sells all sorts of weird and useless items for insane amounts of dough. Among them was this chair-shaped crystal-embellished handbag that was priced at $895 (RM3,671)!

A hobby of mine is finding ridiculous items for sale at Nordstrom’s. This might be my best find yet. — Lexi Brown, PhD (@lexilafleur) April 21, 2021

Calling it a “handbag” wouldn’t be appropriate though, as it is much more suitable as an accessory instead, considering the fact that you can’t actually hold anything in it except from your fragile ego (jokes). Fun fact, the “chair” actually managed to make an appearance on the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Following Brown’s Tweet, the Twittersphere erupted with thousands of users hopping onto Nordstrom’s website to see what other wacky contraptions they have for sale with many then heading to the thread to share their discoveries.

YES. I have been doing this at Anthropologie for years. My favorite find so far is the ping pong table shaped like Easter Island. $4000. — Kristin (@Kristin_wrote) April 21, 2021
This LV bag costs $39,000. — Zaza Chilvers (@ZazaChilvers) April 22, 2021
I don’t think this tops the chair, but this showed up in my FB ads one day. I don’t ski, but from what I understand about snow reflection, this is a really terrible idea. — kermelbar (@kermelbar) April 21, 2021


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