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This Cat Lives In Its Own Cat-Sized Bedroom Built By Its Owners

With the rising cost of living these days, many young Malaysians can barely afford to live on our own in the city, and are instead choosing to live with our parents or roommates to save money. Now imagine being this incredibly fortunate cat that gets to live in its own bedroom that’s furnished with a comfortable bed and TV without having to pay a single cent of rent!

Here is the bedroom we finished for our cat this weekend. He actually goes in to nap and watch birds on YouTube 🙂 More pics coming #tinyhome #cats #catbedroom — CinnamonBear (@CinnamonBear9) April 13, 2021

It all started when cat owner Bryan Davies noticed that Wyatt (that’s the name of the cat btw) enjoys watching birds and squirrels from the window. This gave Davies the idea to set up a tablet as Wyatt’s personal TV that shows bird videos on repeat.

Given how much Wyatt loves his TV, Davies decided to step up his game and give the cat its own bedroom by transforming an unused space in Davies’ own bedroom.

Credits: The Dodo

“It was the perfect spot for an even tinier bedroom in our tiny bedroom in our tiny home,” Davies said. “So, I opened the wall and started remodeling.”

Davies even decorated Wyatt’s room with different sets of bedsheets, wall art, and a special spot on the wall to mount Wyatt’s favourite TV. While Davies was initially uncertain if Wyatt would like his cat bedroom, it has quickly become the cat’s go-to spot.

Credits: The Dodo

“He spends a lot of time in there, asking to watch his show before taking a nap,” Davies said. “He zones out to the screen like a normal teen. And he naps — hard. He really does enjoy it as much as a kid who finally got his own room.”


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