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This Cat Got Turned Into A Meme For Sleeping Like A Dad On A Couch

Animal memes are always super wholesome and adorable, and most of the time we find them hilarious when they resemble humans. Recently, a cat on Twitter went viral after Twitter user @necode67 posted an image of a cat sleeping with its paws resting on its belly while it slouched over at a corner. What a mood!

Honestly, most of us can relate to this image, looking like a dad sleeping on a couch after a long and tiring day of work. The adorable cat was unfortunately turned into a meme, just like most things uploaded on the internet. Someone even made a clay figurine of the sleeping cat and posted it on Twitter. We can’t get enough of it!

@necode67, the caretaker of the cat followed up with a tweet of the awakened cat that looked pretty annoyed at the person taking its picture. Got ‘em!


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