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This British Woman Makes RM57,048 Monthly By Showing Videos Of Her Pumping Milk On Social Media

We've heard of a social media influencer earning money by selling her farts, but this woman from the UK manage to earn £10,000 (RM57,048) monthly by just showing videos of her pumping breast milk on social media. The woman from Devon, Alice Lovegood, was even offered £100,000 to breastfeed a fan.

The 27-year-old mother begun her "business" after she got pregnant with her youngest child, and now received thousands of requests for videos of her lactating breasts. “Before I started doing this last year, our life was very different. We were in over £15K (RM85,569) of debt, I worked all the time including weekends and we had never been on a family holiday," the mother of 2 said.

While many think that posting videos of her pumping breast milk is disgusting, she thinks it is totally natural and does not care what others say. “I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and I love the confidence it’s given me.”

Meanwhile, Lovegood is not considering to sell her breast milk to fans for about £300 (RM1,711) a pop. “People want to see me squirt the milk out of your boobs, drink my breast milk and pump milk out of my boobs dressed like a cow.” - You do you boo!


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