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This Absurd Man From China Sold His 2yo Kid For Money To Travel With New Wife

You read the title right, a man from Zhejiang, China was caught selling his 2-year-old son for money to travel with his new wife. According to reports by SCMP, the man by the surname Xie was given custody of his son (Jiajia), after his divorce with his wife. On the other hand, his now ex-wife holds custody of their daughter.


Xie is usually busy working in another city, so Jiajia is usually left under his brother’s (Lin) care in Huzhou City. One day, Xie decided to take his son and told Lin that Jiajia’s mother wanted to see him. Even after several days, there were no news about Jiajia reaching his destination. Lin decided to contact the police after Xie refused to answer his questions.

The police then investigated on the case and found out that Jiajia was actually sold to a childless couple in Changsu, Jiangsu province for 158,000 yuan which is about RM100,446. He used the money to take his new wife on a tour around the country – the audacity!


But that’s not it, Xie and his new wife were reportedly always quarrelling about his son, which led him to selling the boy to relieve burden of child care. Another unsightly thing Xie did was flaunt stacks of 100 yuan notes to his friends (facepalms).

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Good news is, the terrible couple is now facing “criminal coercive measure” while the poor boy was brought back to his uncle, Lin. Okay I lied, the bad news doesn’t stop there. According to a local Chinese media, Xie previously gave away 2 of his daughters from his previous marriage as he was going through difficult financial situation. This man is seriously too much!

What did you think about that horrendous news?


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