• Jonathan Shiek

Think Your Monday Sucks? At least you’re not these people.

Ahhh… Mondays. Yours might suck but at least there’s r/WellThatSucks to help soothe whatever pain you’re carrying today.

Because at least you’re not this Mom, coming back from a flight to discover she has one less-Macbook Air.

My mom checked a bag she was originally going to carry on and forgot what was in the outside pocket from Wellthatsucks

Or this person whose dog managed to locate the perfect spot to release such fine workmanship:

My dog managed to throw up on the only unprotected spot of my cream-colored couch. from Wellthatsucks

Or this person who might have paid too much for a rather small amount of pepperoni on his pizza:

It’s a one pepperoni pizza from Wellthatsucks

Or this person moving into an apartment with his/her Significant Other, unknowingly having to bear the burden of unreliable maintenance people:

SO and I moved into what he gently refers to as a Giant Shit Hole last month. Internet guy found out the outlets were fake in the living room, so maintenance “fixed” it. The second picture isn’t crooked. And still no working plug. from Wellthatsucks

Welp. At least you didn’t spend an hour on Minesweeper only to…

Just spend around an hour to play this big game…. set down 1553 bombs, but there was 1 Imposter Among us….. from Wellthatsucks


We’re all very grateful that we’re not THIS PERSON who has no clue how Google Docs could have saved his butt:

I wrote a 10 page paper due tonight at 12PM it’s currently 5:52, my paper didn’t save and I also have another 10 page paper to write due tonight as well. from Wellthatsucks

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