• Jonathan Shiek

Thief Suffers a Heart Attack After a Robbery Gone Right

We humans are merely creatures of strong emotion. We are dictated by it and at times we can’t do a thing about it… unfortunately. That said, an excess of emotions can also be a very dangerous thing as it can lead to serious health conditions.

Well this thief certainly found out that emotions can be life-threatening after he pulled off a robbery with unexpectedly higher ‘rewards’ than expected. In a report by Tribune India, two thieves broke into a public service centre around the Kotwali Dehat area in an attempt to make off with whatever they could find.

After breaking in and exfiltrating successfully, the two thieves headed back to their hiding hole to count their gains. Upon careful examination and re-count after re-count, the two thieves were left stunned after realizing that they had made off with far more than they had anticipated resulting in one of the thieves suffering a heart attack out of sheer joy.

They initially only estimated that their ‘earnings’ from the theft would sum up to about 40,000 – 50,000 rupees (RM2,800) but in actual fact, they stole Rs. 7 lakh (RM40,000). Unfortunately for them, most of the money they stole went into the the treatment for the thief that suffered a heart attack.

Eventually they were both arrested after one of the thieves admitted to the robbery. It certainly is a rather intriguing tale and by no means am I condoning what they did… but I find it rather admirable that one of the thieves still decided to look after the other when he could have just left him to die and kept the money for himself.


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