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These Unique And Rare Blue Java Bananas Taste Like Vanilla Ice Cream And Custard

Most of us are used to the usual yellow bananas that we could pick up at a local fruit stall or grocery shop, but have you heard of ‘blue’ bananas? And no I don’t mean that they are artificially coloured like roses, they are actually naturally already blue!

These blue bananas are called Blue Java bananas, they have a beautiful silvery blue or sometimes blue-ish green peel. However, as they slowly ripen, the blue tinge will eventually fade to a pale yellow. That said, it’s actually pretty similar to our local Malaysian bananas that are green in colour before turning ripe. These unique coloured bananas are not available any other place in the world but Hawaii, Fiji, Philippines (some parts of Southeast Asia), and certain parts of Central America.

The best part of it all is not the colour, but the taste and consistency! Those who have tasted the unique bananas mentioned that it tastes like vanilla ice cream or custard! I must try this myself! A quick little detail you need to know about is that Hawaiians call these bananas ‘ice cream bananas’, how cute is that!

How come nobody ever told me to plant Blue Java Bananas? Incredible they taste just like ice cream — Khai (@ThamKhaiMeng) March 24, 2021

Would you try the Blue Java bananas if you had the chance?


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