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These Dancing Pakciks Are Taking Over TikTok By Storm

With the whole pandemic going on, TikTok has grown exponentially, especially when people are bored at home and have tonnes of creativity put on hold. This TikTok account definitely brought creativity and fun to another level, a group of middle-aged men from the Philippines started gaining popularity from dancing to “young people” music like K-pop, hip hop, and hip-bump! You would think that this is a joke, but they actually dance pretty-damn-well!

One of their videos even racked up 42.1 million views! According to their TikTok account (@palictefamily), they are a family of dancers, not limited to only these cute dancing “pakciks”. But enough of this rambling, you need to check out these videos and MAYBE inspire your own dad to do a dance or 2 with your uncles or his friends (LOL):


Age doesn’t matter ❤️ Happy New Year from Palicte Family. #fyp #palictefamily @johnrypals @christianpalicte

♬ DJ Remix 2020 – Zhafran_Maulana🇮🇩


Oldies but goodies 💪 @johnrypals @christianpalicte #fyp #agedoesntmatter #Palictefamily

♬ Rico Rico – johmomusic


Dc: @iconxfamily #fyp #Palictefamily #cagayandeorocity #fatherandson @johnrypals @christianpalicte

♬ original sound – ICONX FAMILY – ICONX FAMILY

Have you heard of these famous TikTok uncles? Let us know which one of their dances were your favourite from them!


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