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These Adidas X Tommy Cash Superstar Sneakers Are One-Metre Long

Not sure if it’s just me, but sneaker designs these days seemed to be getting more outrageous. And just when I thought they can’t get any worse, Adidas revealed its latest sneaker collaboration with Estonian rapper Tommy Cash and they’re definitely eye-catching, to say the least.

Same energy — CROUSTIBAT (@dllcnrdh) March 2, 2021

The super long Superstar sneakers come in a pair of one black and one white shoe that feature a laser engraving of Cash’s autograph on the heel and a yin yang design on the insole.

According to Cash, the black and white coloured sneakers represent the angel and devil that live within him and are constantly at war with each other. The design is a way to symbolise how both personalities are able to strike a balance and coexist together.

The design of the sneakers was revealed in Cash’s Instagram post two days ago with the caption: “When I said to Adidas that I want to make the longest shoe in the world as our collab they were like wtf Tommy. But five months later here we are.”

But sadly (or luckily), the one-metre long sneakers are one-of-a-kind and were specially made for Cash himself. Those who are interested to get their own pair of Superstars can still get their hands on the regular sized sneakers, but even that is considered limited edition.

Only lucky draw winners will be able to purchase these sneakers so all the sneakerheads out there better get started on signing up via the Adidas app to stand a chance to win the lucky draw and walk home with a pair of newly bought Superstars.


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