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There’s A New Ice Cream Flavour That’s Inspired By ‘Friends’

While fans of the American sitcom ‘Friends’ may not get to visit the iconic “Central Perk” coffee shop, you might be able to taste it in the form of an ice cream flavour soon!

New York-based ice cream brand Serendipity has partnered with Warner Bros to create an ice cream flavour inspired by the famous TV show.

The “Central Perk Coffee Almond Fudge” mocha flavoured ice cream comes with thick fudge swirls and dark chocolate-covered almonds – just typing this out already has my mouth watering! The packaging also features the prominent ‘Friends’ logo over the iconic orange sofa.

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“Our ‘Central Perk Almond Fudge’ flavour is nostalgia in a pint that makes you feel like you’re with your six best friends indulging in a sweet treat at a coffee shop,” said president and COO of Serendipity Brands, Sal Pesce.

The ‘Friends’ inspired ice cream flavour is available on Serendipity’s website for $7.99 (RM32.88) each, but sadly the company does not ship overseas, so only American ‘Friends’ fans will get to enjoy this delicious taste of pop culture.


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