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There’s A Petition To Stop Doraemon Constantly Showing Shizuka In The Bath

Doraemon is the story of a robot cat from the future that needs no introduction in this part of town. Doraemon was sent to help an awkward boy survive his own life. Started as a manga in 1969, it still appeals to kids today.

However, there’s one recurring joke that a growing number of Doraemon fans would rather do without. It’s not unique or surprising to this series either, but from time to time the protagonist Nobita would accidentally stumble into a room where his love-interest Shizuka is taking a bath.

I KNOW RIGHT. I mean, the 6-year-old me isn’t surprised, but in this woke era, we can’t help but take a peek at why there is a petition that has started to stop this.

Here’s a parody news report on the world record “1,000th time Nobita was arrested for walking in on Shizuka in the bath”

According to SoraNews24 the plot exists in this way: “Nobita would usually be overcome by embarrassment and receive some sort of comedic punishment like a face full of hot water, and that would be the end of it…until it happened again. In addition to that tired gag, there seemed to be an oddly common occurrence of scenes where Shizuka was taking a bath with no real relevance to the plot at all.”

It’s enough to activate a growing number of parents, who were raised on Doraemon themselves, to start a petition on to demand that the producers of the show knock off all the bath stuff.

The petition was posted on 3 December by a person using the name Midorino Mushima and opens with:

“We are parents of ex-children who once grew up watching Doraemon and children who now grow up watching Doraemon. I learn friendship and courage by watching Doraemon, and I also convey it to my children.However, there are scenes in Doraemon that I think are problematic. It is a bath peeping scene of Shizuka-chan by Nobita.The act of looking into the bath is a sexual harm, not an act of mischief. It is an act that can be deeply traumatic for the victimized woman and can instill a lifelong fear of engaging with the man or taking a bath. I think that portraying such an act as a mere carelessness or mischief in an animation for children with strong social influence such as Doraemon will lead to disregarding sexual harm.”

Read the full petition here:

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