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The Zodiac Killer Has Allegedly Been Identified By An Independent Investigative Team

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In case you didn't know, the Zodiac Killer is one of America's most notorious serial killer in the late 1960s. The identity of the killer has remained an unsolved mystery for the longest time, until recently when a team of independent investigators said they've managed to trace all evidence back to a man named Gary Francis Poste, who died in 2018.

The group of cold case specialists, known as Case Breakers, are made up of over 40 volunteers from law enforcement, military, legal, and academic backgrounds. They claimed to have spent years digging up forensic and physical evidence, which led them to believe that Poste is the infamous killer who used to terrorise Northern California.

One of their evidence includes the resemblance between Poste and a 1969 police sketch of the Zodiac as both men appeared to share the same scar on their foreheads. The team also pinned the murder of a teenage girl hundreds of miles away on Poste, even though that case has never been linked to the Zodiac.

Despite the team's findings, the FBI and local police are saying Poste is not the Zodiac Killer as his name was never a murder suspect in their original investigation. Throughout the years, there has been a long list of suspects linked to the Zodiac's identity, none of which were confirmed. The anonymity of the killer, along with his series of letters to taunt the authorities, have made the Zodiac a popular subject for movies and TV shows in popular culture.

Who do you think is the real Zodiac Killer?


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