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The World’s Most Expensive Melons Can Be Found In… Putrajaya?!

For those who don’t know, premium fruits are a thing in Japan, where instead of a fancy bottle of wine, people tend to give each other luxury fruits as presents. Among some of the popular choices of Japanese premium fruits is the muskmelon, which comes with a price tag of at least RM570!

But did you know that these premium muskmelons can be found locally in Putrajaya?

Introducing Mono Premium Melon, a Malaysian group of muskmelon farmers that consists of co-founders Seh Cheng Siang, Mohd Sofian bin Ali, Yeo Chen Swee, and Michael Lo. Together with the rest of their team, these men decided to combine their knowledge and expertise in agriculture to start a melon farm in Putrajaya, which now houses over 10,000 melons.

Credits: Malay Mail

The group plants and grows their melons from the seeds of Arus muskmelons, which are considered to be the world’s most expensive melons. According to Seh, they planted these premium melons to prove that many Malaysian growers can produce equivalent, if not better-quality fruits as compared to imported fruits.

However, the road to success wasn’t easy as they had to experiment with over 100 varieties of melons before they could determine the most suitable type of premium melon that would thrive in our country’s hot and humid climate.

Credits: Malay Mail

And in case you’re wondering how premium these melons are, just know that the nutrients are controlled by a controller that monitors the pH, humidity, water, and air temperature to ensure that only one fruit in every plant will absorb the optimum amount of nutrients and grow into the “chosen melon”.

Each fruit gets to listen to well-composed music to stimulate their growth, and if that’s not great enough, they’re also polished and massaged with a specific 3M Nexcare facial cleansing cloth as part of the tama-fuki or “ball wiping” technique used to enhance the melon’s sweetness!

Credits: Malay Mail

For now, Mono Premium Melon assures that all their carefully cultivated melons are grown for Malaysians but they’re also looking into exporting their premium melons to our neighbouring countries like Singapore.

But do note that because the group only selects high quality melons, only 200 premium melons will be available during the pre-sale. However, each buyer will be able to witness the incredible growth journey of their individual melon, and even have the chance to harvest and wrap it on their own!

Those who are interested to check out these locally grown premium melons can do so at Mono Premium Melon’s Facebook and Instagram page, but just be prepared for the premium prices as well!


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