• Jonathan Shiek

The Weeknd Set To Write, Produce, And Star In HBO’s Pop Singer Cult Drama Series

The Weeknd is back! And no, not with another hit song or album, but a soon-to-be cult drama series on HBO! The Weeknd’s byname of Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, was said to be producing, co-writing, and starring in the HBO series called “The Idol” alongside with executive producer, Sam Levinson.

This isn’t his first time venturing into TV and film, Abel actually wrote and starred in an episode of American Dad!, appeared in Robot Chicken, and also Uncut Gems alongside Adam Sandler. The Idol is co-created by Levinson, Abel, and Reza Fahim who is The Weeknd’s creative director.

HBO’s new pop singer cult drama series, The Idol, follows a female pop singer who starts a romantic relationship with an enigmatic club owner in L.A. who is actually a secret leader of a cult. We don’t have details on who The Weeknd will be starring as, but it seems that people are speculating he will be playing the role as the cult leader.

The series is still in development, so there isn’t any definite release date as of now. What do you think about The Weeknd bringing his talents over to TV and film?


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