• Jonathan Shiek

The SPM History Paper Might Have Been Leaked

As if it is not challenging enough to be sitting for one of the most important exams of your life during a pandemic, SPM 2020 candidates now find themselves in a situation where they might have to retake their Sejarah (History) paper, all because of an alleged leak in exam questions.

Apparently, a text message that contained a list of topics in the structured and essay portions of the paper had been circulating on WhatsApp on Wednesday morning, just moments before the SPM History paper began at 10am.

According to The Star, among the topics that have been leaked include “Resistance in Perak (Penentangan di Perak)”, “Maritime” and “Vision 2020 (Wawasan 2020)”, all of which had appeared in the actual exam paper.

However, the Ministry of Education has yet to break the silence about this matter.

Meanwhile, #SPM2020 has been trending on Twitter where most of the exam candidates were venting their frustration about the leak that probably helped some students to cheat but is now affecting everyone as they may have to resit their paper.

I did not put all of my efforts in studying sejarah papers just to get them bocor. yes.. I am disappointed, but I don’t want to repeat the fucking paper. #SPM2020 — kit 🧃 ia cuz of spm (@T0AQIE) February 24, 2021
i don't want to repeat sejarah but wow am i pissed that there are people who's willing to bocor the paper. honestly cannot even blame the students for taking the chance. whoever exposed the questions are the ones u should focus ur hate on to #SPM2020 — cam 🌼 (@itsscamelia) February 24, 2021
can we all just pretend that video doesnt exist so none of us have to retake sejarah please 👍🏻 we can jump the people who got A from the bocor soalan later but i do not want to be taking this test at 19 #SPM2020 — nicole (@_angelspitt) February 24, 2021


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