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The Hottest Spot For A Hotpot Date in JB

There’s nothing quite like a good ol’ steaming pot of soup with a medley of meats, vegetables, and fish just waiting to swim in said pot of soup. Whether it is as hot as a Rose’s new single or as cold as my ex’s heart, hotpots are everyone’s go-to meal when they are in the need for some Asian soul food.

Hotpot joints are a dime a dozen these days with outlets such as Haidilao and Xiao Long Kan just popping up overnight. So things are getting rather competitive in the hotpot market which leads to one particular joint, thinking “outside” the box… almost literally.

Credits: The Smart Local

Introducing, ‘In The Tent’, a new hotpot shop in Mount Austin which boasts cozy tents and heart-shaped hotpots. They are located on the rooftop of ‘The Rhythm’ so you will be feasting on hotpot under the stars.

Credits: The Smart Local

Naturally, your concerns would be “oi, this is Malaysia la, weather so hot how to sit in tent” well, rest assured, all 12 of their tents come fully equipped with air-conditioners for the comfort of you marshmallows who are afraid that a little heat will make you melt. If you concerned about a tight squeeze, each tent is able to accommodate anywhere between 2-6 or 5-9 people.

So let’s say you are going on a date and you want a little music to spice things up, well ‘In The Tent’ got you covered with that too as they invite a live band every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

As with most hotpot restaurants, you start by choosing which soup base you’d want and if I were you, I would definitely go for their highly recommended black-bone chicken – a clear and rich broth and their seriously spicy mala which obviously requires no description.


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