• Jonathan Shiek

The Hollywood Heist: Lady Gaga’s Dogs Stolen!

Famous singer/songwriter Lady Gaga’s dogs were dognapped following a shooting in Los Angeles recently. Two French bulldogs belonging to the singer were being walked by an employee when he was then abruptly shot and wounded.

Los Angeles police stated that a gunman then grabbed the dogs and fled the location in a vehicle, indicating that there were accomplices. L.A police added that they managed to recover a third dog at the scene of the incident.

Lady Gaga, who is supposedly in Rome filming Ridley Scott’s “Gucci,” when the incident transpired is currently offering a reward of US$500,000 for the safe return of her dogs, Koji and Gustav, “no questions asked.”

French bulldogs are rather expensive and exquisite pedigree that can be sold for quite a high price to the right buyer. As such, one can assume that this dognapping was indeed orchestrated though it is still unclear if it was intentional.


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