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The First 2021 Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse Will Be Happening On 26 May

If you’ve never witnessed a lunar eclipse before, then you’re going to want to mark the date down on your calendar because it will be happening on 26 May! According to Business Today, the ‘blood moon’ is said to be the most beautiful cosmic phenomenon ever, appearing slightly reddish-orange from the dispersed light falling on the face of the moon from the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets.

Let’s get a little more scientific, a total lunar eclipse is a phenomenon that happens when the Earth lines up between the Moon and Sun, which inevitably hides the Moon from the sunlight. The Earth comes in between the Sun and Moon which blocks the sun light from reaching the Moon in case of a total lunar eclipse.

Credit: Time and Date

But good news, you CAN stare at the lunar eclipse with your naked eye, unlike the solar eclipse. However, the lunar eclipse is exclusive to only a couple of locations around the world. Business Today reported that parts of Australia, New Zealand, Western U.S., South America, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and parts of South East Asia can enjoy viewing the blood moon!

As for Malaysians, if you’re interested to see the lunar eclipse, it will be visible on 26 May around 7.16pm! If you’re not in the list of locations that can view the event, visit timeanddate‘s YouTube channel to see it live!


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