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The Contingency Plan for the Survival of Mankind is Sending 6.7 Million Sperm Samples to the Moon

In light of the recent natural disasters that has been occurring such as the volcano eruption in Etna, a team of six researchers from the University of Arizona, United States came up to announce their contingency plan for the continuous survival of mankind should the world fall to a devastating apocalypse.

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In their presentation during the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Aerospace Conference, the six researchers suggested that an ark be created and filled with 6.7 million samples of reproduction cells.

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This ‘Lunar Ark’, upon creation will house over 6.7 million samples of sperm and ova from various species. The samples will then be stored in a vault beneath the surface of the moon where it will be preserved for the inevitable end.

According to the University of Arizona researchers, their plan could potentially repopulate the earth should a catastrophic disaster occur, not only with humans, but animals as well. The concept of the ‘Lunar Ark’ has been seen before with the ‘Doomsday’ seed vault in Svalbard, Norway which holds almost the seeds of virtually every plant known to man.

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This contingency plan does not come cheap however, as it turns out, in order to actually build the ‘Lunar Vault’ a total of 250 flights to the moon will be necessary. To put that into perspective, the International Space Station (ISS) was constructed in 40 trips.

As for the source of power to protect the vault, the scientists recommended using solar panels as  the samples would freeze due to the sub-zero temperatures of the moon without any power.


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