• Jonathan Shiek

‘The Brotherhood’ Fixed Thousands Of Potholes In Malaysia Since 2007

Actor Azlan Sani Zawawi, also known as Lando Zawawi was leading a group called the ‘Ikatan Silaturrahim Brotherhood’ that fixes potholes around KL. According to Lando, the Brotherhood will take action if DBKL delays or doesn’t fix the potholes properly. The heroic group purchased their own equipment and materials to fix these roads, they would also leave a calling card after getting the work done.

Credit: Lando Zawawi – Brotherhood Malaysia Facebook

Lando explained why ‘The Brotherhood’ was an important role for them to fulfill, one of his friends apparently got into an accident caused by a hole in the road and passed away. Even after that accident, the pothole remained unfixed and managed by DBKL which got him fired up to take action. In addition to this, there were many news revolving around accidents from potholes on the streets which caused injuries and deaths to citizens.

Netizens are extremely supportive towards Lando Zawawi and his group for carrying out their independent repair works!

You have my whole respect Mr Lando Zawawi . Thankyou for making my childhood priceless with your 'rempit' character and thankyou even more for fixing the potholes ❤️ — 👑 ناتشا (@mektasyaa) January 7, 2021
We have JKR but we don't have JKR. We have Lando Zawawi and "The Brotherhood". #RakyatJagaRakyat — Neddy (@neddyinnit) January 7, 2021
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