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The Best ‘Green’ Tech at CES 2021

The environment is not the main focus when designing a new tech product, from vehicles to a new phone, these products are usually coming from huge tech giants, requiring expensive material like precious metals, plastic parts and packaging.

That said, it is so rare to see a handful of products that are designed to be environmentally sustainable. Companies are trying to mitigate the environmental impact, even if it’s just to save drops of water and energy use.

Here are some of products coming to CES 2021 that do more than just distracts you from the pandemic.

Shower Power

SPOILER: It’s a speaker! 

Powered by water from your shower head. It uses energy from the flow of water when u shower to charge its internal battery. It connects via Bluetooth straight to your devices. So, singing along is possible to do with this free otherwise wasted energy.

This device was launched on Kickstarter which also uses recycled ocean plastics and is said to work with any shower heads configuration.

L’Oreal Water Saver

Who would reinvent a wheel? 

Well, L’Oreal did with a new this new home setup that can almost mimics the real thing. It significantly reduces water usage up to 80 percent without sacrificing the flow and pressure. At a rate of two liters of water per minute compared to eight liters per minute in most homes.

The water can also be infused with any “micronized haircar product”. This means that the hair products are essentially shrunked down and put into the water droplets through this amazing system. This process creates a small enough droplet which can be absorbed by hair faster thus requiring lesser water to rinse. 

Schneider Electric Switches and Energy Management

At CES 2021, an electric giant, Schneider Electric announced its Square D smartphone-connected light switches as its main sustainability initiative. It is part of the energy management system to make sure your home won’t be guzzling a buttload of energy.

With these smart switches you can also track how much energy you are using, and the lights is totally customizable, and u can also adjust its behavior accordingly.

Who says light switches can’t be sexy and sustainable?

Kohler Home Water Monitoring System

It’s another water saving product! This time it’s a whole home water monitor, with a version that can have a cut-off automatically.

You can install it yourself with a mountable monitor which can be installed under a sink and it will notify you if there is a leak anywhere on your smartphone. It will also let you know how much water different fixtures are using.

I know it is uber sexy for a plumber to go into the tight space under the sink, but with this, you don’t have to call for one!

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