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Thanks To Google Maps, This Indonesian Man Almost Married The Wrong Bride

Have you ever found yourself stranded at an unknown location, all because your GPS had a moment of error and took you down a wrong route? As common as that may be for many of us, we should at least be thankful that we’re not this guy in Indonesia who almost made the biggest mistake of this life, all thanks to Google Maps.

The groom-to-be almost married the wrong bride after Google Maps took him to the wrong wedding venue. It turns out there were two weddings happening at the same time in the same village, which caused the confusion.

While the man initially did not realise he was in the wrong house, the same can be said for the 27-year-old bride Ulfa who admitted to being unaware of the issue as she was being attended by her makeup artist. 

Even Ulfa’s family did not realise the mistaken identity of the groom. In fact, they even welcomed him and exchanged gifts among each other.

Luckily, someone in the group eventually realised they had entered the wrong house and managed to straighten things out and leave, but not before they apologised for the mix-up.

Ulfa’s family even helped to lead the man and his group to the right house. In the end, when Ulfa’s actual fiancé and his group arrived at her house, it was discovered that they were late as they had to stop for a toilet break.

Despite the almost regrettable mistake, I’m sure this mix-up will serve as a hilarious memory for both couples when they reminisce about their wedding day in the future.


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