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Thailand Introduces New Law That Allows Citizens To Grow Cannabis Plants In Their Homes

Credit: CBC

On 25 January 2022, Thailand introduced a new law that allows Thai citizens to grow cannabis plants in their homes. Previously in 2018, the country was the first in Southeast Asia to legalise the use of marijuana for medicinal and research purposes.

Thailand's Health Minister Anutin Chanvirakul said that the new rule will make it legal for people to grow the plant in the comfort of their own home as long as they notify authorities beforehand. However, the new rule must first be published in the Royal Gazette and be allowed to stand for 120 days before it becomes official, and the plant cannot be used for commercial purposes without proper licensing.

According to Thailand's food and drug regulations chief Paisal Dankhum, the plant should only be used for medicinal purposes and that random inspections will be carried out to make sure guidelines are followed. Those who are caught growing the plant without notifying the authorities can be fined up to 20,000 baht, while those selling cannabis products without a proper license may be fined up to 300,000 baht, sentenced to prison for up to 3 years, or both.

This move encouraged Thai farmers to grow and sell marijuana, cosmetics and beverage companies to launch new hemp and non-euphoric CBD products, and even see more cannabis cafes and bars open in the capital of Bangkok.

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