• Jonathan Shiek

Thai Monk Beheads Himself To Be Reincarnated As A Demi-God

In an act that shocked the entire Buddhist community in Thailand, an elderly monk has decapitated himself using a homemade device resulting in a gruesome death with the purpose of reincarnating as a form of demi-god.

According to a report from Vice World News, Dhammakorn Wangphrecha woke up at the crack of dawn at a rather quiet and quaint temple somewhere in the northeastern region of Thailand to commit his deed. He was said to have been assisted by a number of his loyal followers who helped him prepare the ritual.

Although the teachings of Buddha does not condone such acts or even mentions anything of the sort, he believed otherwise. He apparently believed that sacrificing his life would bring him merit, and that he would come back as a higher being or even a Buddha.

Upon hearing the news of this blasphemous act, waves of shock were sent through all of Thailand where many prominent monks have publicly rejected such ideals. Some believed that Dhammakorn misinterpreted scriptures and adopted a radical form of it which led to his abrupt and tragic end.

While this act is unheard of in modern times, there has been instances of similar nature that occurred long ago but even then it was rare.

Despite Dhammakorn acting on his own accord, forensic teams and authorities has started investigating the temple and everyone involved with suspicions of fowl play. However, Dhammakorn’s followers insisted that he has been planning it for almost 5 years. As such, it is still unclear if anyone will be prosecuted.


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