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Thai Man Suffers Permanently Disfigured Penis After Locking It In A Padlock For 2 Weeks

Ah yes, I guess the pandemic has driven people to the point of stuffing their junk in a padlock now. This 38-year-old Thai man clamped a padlock around the base of his penis and it got stuck for 2 weeks because he lost the key. According to the man’s mother, ‘He told me he did this because he was bored and he likes putting his ‘thing’ through small holes. I was angry at him for embarrassing me like this and I’ve told him not to do it again.’

The mother said, “My son is a private person and he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He has been staying at home a lot during the pandemic because he is worried about going out.” Rescue officer, Thongchai Donson said that they’ve received the emergency call but the injury was way ‘worse than they expected’ and had to rush the man to the nearest hospital. The medics spent more than 30 minutes trying to use an electric cutter to slice through the metal lock.

Despite freeing his penis, medics said that there could be lasting disfiguration damage because the penis was stuck in the padlock for 14 days. Thongchai added that, “If the padlock had stayed on for any longer, the infection could have been so bad that his penis would have started to rot and get gangrene.”

Let this be a lesson to not stick your junk in random places, it can be dangerous and damaging to the body.


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