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Texas Man Awarded RM23.3 Million After Suing Restaurant For Serving Him Too Much Alcohol

We’ve all heard of the saying “the customer is always right”, but this story takes it to a whole new level. A man in Texas, United States has been awarded US$5.5 million (RM23.3 million) after he won a lawsuit that he filed against a restaurant/bar for serving him too much alcohol.

The man, Daniel Rawls claimed the restaurant, La Fogata Mexican Grill had overserved him alcohol, which caused him to get into a fight with a fellow intoxicated customer at the parking lot, and resulted in Rawls sustaining a head injury.

As a result, Rawls decided to file a negligent suit against La Fogata which stated that the restaurant owner and bartender were responsible for the injury because they allowed both customers to drink excessively and leave the premises together. Rawls also claimed that the bartender has not been adequately trained to detect when customers have been overserved, which is a legal risk in the US.

That’s not all, in his lawsuit, Rawls also claimed that the restaurant owner failed to ensure that the parking lot did not include obstacles “that would pose a tripping or falling hazard to intoxicated patrons”. Rawls also accused the restaurant of being negligent for not calling an ambulance after he was injured in the fight.

Although the court did not rule if Rawls’ claims were true, it did rule the case in Rawls’ favour and awarded him US$5.5 million for five claims, which include premises liability, negligence and damages arising from foreseeable criminal conduct.


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