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Terengganu Woman Among 43 Other People To Have Rarest Blood Type In The World

According to a Facebook post by the Terengganu Blood Bank Services, a local woman was introduced as one of 43 people in the world to have the rarest blood type, dubbed as 'The Golden Blood'. She is apparently the only living Malaysian right now to have this specific blood type.

"This donor's blood group is Rh null, the rarest blood type in the world. You are the special one, sis!" the post read. The woman's blood type was identified when she went to the Terengganu Blood Bank to donate some blood, and sent to the National Blood Centre in KL where it would be stored for up to 10 years in a nitrogen-filled container.

"If there is a patient who needs this type of blood, then this blood will be diluted for use," they said. Generally, there are only 4 blood types, A, B, AB, and O which are Rhesus-D (Rh-D) positive or negative. However, people with the rare Rh null blood have a total absence of Rh antigens in their red blood cells.

'The Golden Blood' group was first discovered in an Aboriginal Australian woman back in 1961. People with this blood type usually donates their blood to prevent shortages of these rare units around the world and are frozen for future potential life-saving usage.


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