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Tencent Is Using Facial Recognition To Ban Children From Late-Night Gaming

Now that most school children are spending their time at home with online learning, many kids have found an excuse to stay up late at night to play video games because they no longer need to wake up early for school. But if you’re planning to do this in China, then I’m sorry to tell you that it wouldn’t work at all, thanks to Tencent.

The Chinese tech company recently introduced a security feature that uses facial recognition to crack down on children who are disguising themselves as adults to get around the government’s curfew on underage gamers.

It turns out China has banned young people under 18 from playing online games between 10pm to 8am as an effort to curb gaming addiction and protect kids from worsening eyesight. But evidently, the curfew isn’t effective as users can simply bypass the restrictions by using a gaming account registered by adults, which is why Tencent is pulling out the big guns to close this loophole.

From now onwards, anyone who is gaming with an adult ID past curfew hours would have to pass a facial recognition test implemented by the gaming company. Users will also have to undergo a facial recognition check when they attempt to change the gaming safety settings as some kids have reportedly “stolen their parents’ phones” to modify these settings.

These new features will initially be used on around 60 mobile games, one of which includes the popular Honor of Kings multiplayer battle game which has over 100 million daily users, many of whom I assume are probably kids.


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