• Jonathan Shiek

Telegram Users To Pay For Some Features Starting 2021

There were a lot of WhatsApp users that converted over to use Telegram because of the quirky stickers and animated emojis. We’ve got to break it to you, Telegram will start charging users to use some of their services starting 2021! Parel Durov, Telegram app founder said that they need to start charging users to generate revenue and keep their business afloat.

Tech Crunch reported that Durov has been forking out money from his own pocket to cover most of the expenses to operate Telegram. Parel Durov announced that artists of Telegram stickers will also be receiving a part of the profit. They want Telegram-based creators and small businesses to also thrive alongside the app.

On the upside, Durov also mentioned that all existing features will remain free for its users! So cheers to that! Will you continue to stick by Telegram or switch back to WhatsApp?


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