• Jonathan Shiek

Telegram May Soon Roll Out A New Feature That Will Allow You To Schedule Voice Chats

Guess what, Telegram is currently working on a new feature for its app for users to be able to schedule a voice chat in the future. Pretty neat, but is this going to be useful? Apparently the nitty-gritty of the feature has not been fully disclosed yet, so we don’t know how it’s going to function or when it will be released as of now.

However, we do know that the new feature will be made available on Telegram v7.7.0. We also managed to scoop up some details on how it may work, users will be able to utilise it by opening a chat and tapping on the 3-dot settings menu. You can then select voice chat, tap on schedule voice chat, and pick a time to schedule the message. Once you’ve activated it, the app will remind you that you’ve hopped into the voice call as soon as the timer counts down to zero.

Other than that, we’re clueless on what Telegram might add to the feature.

What do you think about Telegram’s idea on rolling out a scheduled voice chat feature?



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