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Teen Girl Saves Family Dog From Bear Attack By Pushing It Off The Fence

In bear attack news, a teenager from Bradbury, California pushes a bear off her family home fence in the garden with her BARE HANDS. This brave act was recorded by a home security camera and the footage has then gone viral on social media and a couple of TV stations around the world.

Yt people are built different cause how that woman just push that bear like it was a toddler 😭 — PDE J 🔱🇰🇪 (@yournewMCM) June 1, 2021

However, it’s not all positive comments on social media. In the video footage, the mother bear was seen walking on the concrete fence of the house with her cubs when a pack of dogs started charging at them. The mother bear started swiping at the dogs and even grabbed a smaller dog. People were concerned for the bear as it was just protecting its cubs.

does anyone else feel bad for the mama bear I mean she had her baby cub's 😥 she was just passing through until the dog came out attack mode — elizabeth (@ecjcj) June 1, 2021

The Californian teenager, Hailey Morinico hurried over to rescue her dog and shoved the bear off the fence. She went into a fight or flight mode, saying in an interview that she didn’t even realise it was a bear until after she pushed it off.

She didn’t realize she had just pushed a bear! Next at 6am on @ABC7: we’re hearing from the 17 year old who shoved that mama bear to protect her dogs. — Brandi Hitt (@ABC7Brandi) June 2, 2021

That said, 17-year-old Hailey escaped serious harm with only a sprained little finger during the whole commotion.

What would you have done if a bear was in your backyard attacking your pets?


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