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Tealive’s New Phone Cases Will Leave You Craving For Bubble Tea

Tealive has just dropped a boba-bomb on us with their brand new Tealive X Cases by WF Limited Edition Collections. They initially teased the collaboration on their social media pages back in 14 March with some sneak peeks but now that it is here, those teasers certainly didn’t do it justice.

Credits: Tealive Asia (Facebook)

The jaw-dropping phone cases were available for purchase since 15 March. You can get them here but as they are a limited edition collection, you might want to make haste before they’re all sold out!

The designs are honestly stunning and they come in two kinds which are: KLEARLUX that features a more slim and sleek design, and PROTECH which boasts a more rigid and protective design. Now I know your next concern is whether or not  they only make cases for iPhones right? Thankfully, they have cases for a myriad of phone models and you can take a look at all of them below.

Credits: Tealive Asia (Facebook)

Credits: Tealive Asia (Facebook)

There are 12 different designs and you can pick any of them that tickles your fancy. Here’s an added bonus as well, for every purchase of the phone case, you will also get one free Tealive Strawless cup! The price of the cases start at RM58 and I do urge you to pick them up before they run out of stock as there has been no indication that they might restock at all.


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