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Tealive Introduces Butter Nestum Banjir Popcorn Chicken To Go With Your Boba

In conjunction with the Ramadhan month, Tealive introduces a new addition to their menu that could pair well with their boba and beverages! Treat yourself to their all-new Butter Nestum Banjir, which are juicy chicken bites with creamy mayo and a generous amount of golden butter cereal! Doesn’t that just sound amazing right now?

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Tealive and Nestlé’s Nestum are collaborating to roll out the new Butter Nestum Banjir Popcorn Chicken. The new addition to the menu will be released mid-April 2021 for the fasting season! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase this at just any Tealive outlet, check out which outlet the Butter Nestum Banjir Popcorn Chicken will be available at here.

Let us know how delicious it is after you manage to get your share of the Banjir Chicken Bites!


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