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Take Your Date Night to the Next Level With ‘It Takes Two’

One could argue that having your date over for a movie is indeed romantic… but its certainly gets dull and boring and naturally the whole ‘Netflix & Chill’ thing seems kind of sleazy doesn’t it? So why not spice up your date night with a game? (Not ‘THAT’ kind of game)

Credits: PC Gamer

I am talking about ‘It Takes Two’ which is a co-op puzzle platformer that takes you and your partner on a next-level romantic adventure! Players will be able to play one of two characters which are: May, a witty and snappy engineer and Cody, the ever-loving bear of a husband who also happens to be a gardener.

Our two main protagonists are as adorable as they come standing just a few inches tall, made out of clay, yarn and other crafting supplies but there is a rather dark underlying tone to it as they were actually transformed into their daughter’s handmade dolls. That’s not all however, as the two seemingly ‘lovely’ couple are actually going through a divorce and their only hope of returning to their former selves is by working together.

Developer of ‘It Takes Two’, Hazelight Studios, transports you across nine different and unique levels all more challenging and interesting than the next. As true to the name, the game is centered around teamwork as it literally takes two people playing in unison to complete challenges and puzzles.

Credits Mashable SE Asia

Along May and Cody’s journey, you will also be treated to sharp dialogues, jokes, and dreamy visuals that make suspending your disbelief fun and easy. You will also get to ride all sorts of creatures and beat the stuffing out of some rather interesting villains. May and Cody will also be accompanied by their ‘marriage councilor’ named Dr. Hakim who is quite literally a talking self-help book.

Credits: Mashable SE Asia

The story in itself is rather entertaining and the game as a whole is very well written and don’t even get me started on the dialogues. All in all, ‘It Takes Two’ is definitely a game that you should keep on your radar if you are into casual gaming fun with your partner. Who knows? You might even discover something new about them.

‘It Takes Two’ is available now on Steam and Origins for PCPS4, PS5Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.


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