• Jonathan Shiek

Taiwanese Man Gets Married Four Times In 37 Days To Get More Paid Leave

How far are you willing to go just to get more paid leave from work? Whatever your answer is, I’m not sure if you stand a chance against this man’s brilliant scheme to cheat the system and maximise his honeymoon time off with his wife.

The unnamed bank employee managed to claim 32 days of leave from work over a period of 37 days! How did he do it? Well, by simply marrying his wife four times and getting divorced three times.

Since the law in Taiwan does not limit how often an employee can apply for marriage leave, the man was entitled to claim the full eight days of leave for each of his four marriages, which grants him a total of 32 days off from work.

Obviously, the bank was displeased and was only willing to grant the employee eight days of leave, saying he had “abused” the law. But the employee decided to appeal to Taipei’s Labour Department, which then fined his employer NT$20,000 (RM2,900) for violating the leave restrictions.

However, the incident started going viral online and netizens were criticising the employee for playing with the law and the Labour Department for fining the bank. This led to the Labour Department revoking the fine against the bank.

Although the employee had since resigned, he remains adamant about his case, having called the Labour Department to complain that his former employer still owes him 24 days of leave.


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